• Mark Ledbetter

The Watchman

Sounding the Alarm!

WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS they man their posts. In the heat of the mid-afternoon sun they remain on their watch. They peer through the haze of the dawn. Their eyes carefully fixed as they scan the horizon, the perimeter, while keeping watch over the internal activities of the community.

They look for an encroaching predator, the dust of an advancing army, or the smoke of the enemy’s camp. They listen for the advancement of battle army and their war machines, their ears attuned to an unusual and threatening sound.

They scan the city streets from their perch atop the city walls, looking for an outbreak of a fire, a scuffle breaking out between neighbors, or rioters and rabble-rousers disrupting community tranquility.

They are watchmen. They have the solemn burden of keeping watch and always prepared to sound the alarm as impending peril approaches or when there’s trouble within the city’s walls. With the blast of the trumpet, the people are aroused, he notifies the community leaders, they are called to respond.

GOD'S PROPHETS ARE WATCHMENT, solemnly on the watch for those who would advance against the Community of Faith, constantly watching for internal disturbances. The approaching enemy have designs on the city’s resources, to subjugate the inhabitants, to reap the spoils and resources. Turmoil inside the camp pose a threat to the community peace and a disruption to community relations.

Watchmen denounce presumptuous prophets, expose false prophecies, and sound the warning of God’s judgment. They sound an alarm so the People of God can prepare for that which is coming. They alert the Community of Faith to internal dangers of false prophets, false teachers, and doctrines of devils.

THE TRUMPET BLAST is not something the people want to hear. They are at rest, or they are busy, too busy, going about their daily tasks. The warning disrupts their normalcy, interferes with their affairs.

There are those who don’t want to hear God’s admonitions. They will refuse to heed God’s warnings, dismissing the Watchman as delusional, out of touch with reality, a public nuisance, and even in hostile climates be labeled and ridiculed, threatened, their character sullied with false accusations tarnishing their reputations.

Yet, the true Watchman is oblivious to taunts, to refutations and contradictory opinions. They are not politically correct and immune to the threats of thought police. They remain resolute in the face of adversity because the cost of not being obedient is far too high.

THE WATCHMAN MUST DELIVER THE BURDEN OF HIS SOUL with the hopes of sparing people of the coming judgment. He could see that which is coming, make a quick exit to escape, but the Watchman knows that failing to sound the alarm he imperils his own life.

If people stubbornly refuse to hear, the Watchman takes no consolation in knowing the blood of all who refuse to hear is not upon his hands. (See Ezekiel 3:16-31; 33:1-20)

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